Low prices, no side-affects make Homeopathy the first preference of people

Low prices, no side-effects and 100 per cent results are making homeopathy the first choice of people across the world. In fact, homeopathy is being used to treat even psychiatric illnesses like anxiety disorders, said doctors. “India is now the superpower of homeopathy in the world. No side-effects, low treatment costs and good results are making more and more people turn to homeopathy,” Panjan Agrawal, a senior homeopath, told IANS at a conference here Saturday.

Explaining the treatment methodology for disorders like anxiety, he said: “We go into the detailed past of the person. Why the person has become anxious. We seek answers to that.”

“While revealing his or her history, the patient undergoes a catharsis,” he said adding it is at this point that symptomatic homeopathic medicines are given to the patient.

“If the patient is cooperative, then sometimes the results are as good as 100 percent,” he said.

Homeopathy as a system of medicine is different from others and it is based on individualisation.

“The problems of the patient are identified based on his or her individuality, which is worked out by various factors like heredity, environment, social and worksphere,” he said.

Reference: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/low-prices-no-sideaffects-make-homeopathy-the-first-preference-of-people/498758-17.html