Project Description

An itch has been described as an irritating sensation that produces a desire to scratch. Once in a while, everybody has experienced the itch, but for some people it goes beyond this and becomes a disease called eczema.
Eczema (also called dermatitis) describes any inflammation of the skin which is characterized by itching, redness and an outbreak of lesions. It is non-contagious in nature i.e. does not spread from one person to another.
At Dr. Giri’s Homoeopathy we have an experience of treating eczema (dermatitis / skin allergy) for over 15 years and our expertise has helped number of patients to get lasting relief from this annoying condition. Even research has clearly demonstrated that Homeopathy provides equivalent as well as better eczema treatment and that too without any side-effects that conventional methods carry. Don’t you think it’s time you took steps towards an eczema-free life?